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Stein Metzger 2004 Olympian, 18 Time AVP and FIVB Winner, Coach to 66 Top Beach players in 2012.

Volleyball Coach Stein Metzger: Stein was a 2004 Olympian, an 18 time AVP champion, FIVB winner, along with being a 2 time Manhattan Beach Open Champion. He is also best known for leading UCLA to 4 consecutive NCAA finals as a starting setting of which they won 3 championships and and was named the MVP his senior year. In 2012 Stein trained 66 professional men and women volleyball athletes on the beach, and joined the coaching staff of the UCLA women’s volleyball team as it’s volunteer assistant.

Testimonials for Stein Metzger Coaching:

Cassey Jennings and Kerri Welsh-Jennings

Stein Metzger is a great coach. He is passionate about teaching, organized and works hard every day. Stein is not only proactive about educating his athletes but strives to get better each day as a coach. To me, those are the most important qualities! His enthusiasm and love for what he does is contagious. I hope to have Stein as my coach for as long as possible. – Casey Jennings, 8 time AVP/FIVB winner, 2003 AVP Best Defensive Player, ’02 & ’03 AVP Most Improved

John Mayer Volleyball

Stein Metzger is a natural leader and coach. He has been successful as a player at every level of the game and is now sharing the methods that helped him achieve his success. He’s not doing it through old war stories but through positive key words that trigger an athlete to make the appropriate mental and physical adjustments. Stein’s breadth of knowledge is indeed impressive, but what makes him an exemplary coach is his ability to communicate with unique personalities in a way that is both motivating and effective. – John Mayer, AVP Champion, 2009 AVP Most Improved, 2005 NCAA Champion, and Head Coach at Santa Monica College

Gary Sato - 3 Time Olympics USA Coach, Gold 88, Bonze 92, 2012. USA U19 Boys Head CoachVolleyball Coach Gary Sato: Gary was the assistant coach for the U.S. Men’s 1988 Olympic gold medal and 1992 Olympic bronze medal teams. He was also help coach the 2012 USA Men’s Olympic Team in London. Gary is also a two time NCAA champion assistant coach at Pepperdine. Additionally Gary coached the USA boys under 19 team. In 1985 he was FIVB Indoor World Cup Most Valuable Head Coach!

Testimonials for Gary Sato Coaching:

Gordan Mayforth

Gary Sato’s achievements, both as a player and as a coach, over the last 40 years speak for themselves…and show his knowledge as well as love for volleyball. Gary’s most special talent is that he can coach, instruct, and have passion for the game on every level. The same passion he has for coaching the USA National Team, he has when he works with beginning players…one day he can be coaching Clay Stanley and the next he will be working with 14yr old boys who are just learning the game…the really cool part is he puts as much effort and passion into both. If you are around “Doc” Sato you can’t help but feel his love for volleyball and giving back to the game. My grandfather always told me “leave it better than you found it”…Gary has become synonymous for his “Grow the Game” slogan but for him it is more than a slogan he really believes it. Volleyball is better today than when “Doc” Sato started and I believe that he played a part in that…and continues to “Grow the Game”. – Gordan Mayforth, USA Volleyball Coach, Pro Indoor Professional Coach